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We are a registered non-profit, charitable organization. Our Mission is to extend financial help to people who are in need irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Emphasis is given to cases where there is a genuine need for medical or educational support. All effort is made to find genuine cases and reaching out on time, and at the same time maximizing help to the beneficiary. Request for help comes through members who make sure that the case is genuine and submit to the group for help. Contributions to HelpSaveLife are 100% Exempt from US Income Tax under (501)(c) 3. See the IRS Notification Want to make a difference? Join Us or check out the current requests.

Give whole-heartedly towards the hospital expenses of a poor patient who could not afford their treatment cost. These patients are hand-picked by us and most of them are suffering with chronic and deadly diseases. The backward society who are suffering from these diseases and not able to carry out their treatment due to their financial problem, we put forward a helping hand for those needy people. Our little help all put together goes a long way for these patients to fight their battle against their diseases and help them live longer to support and nourish the family.

Give generously towards an education of a poor child. This donation will go towards the basic educational resources needed for a child to go to a school. Please become a part of a life-changing contribution in someone’s life which will advance their lives due to attaining education. We pick and choose students who have shown great results in their academics and help them go forward with their college studies to support themselves and their families. Please seed a good seed in their hearts and mind and provide them a great hope and future through education.

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Special Help requests
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HelpSaveLife Youth Wing Fundraiser #1230

This is a fund raiser project for HelpSavelife Youth Wing. Members of the youth wing and others may contribute to this project. All funds raised thru this project will be used for help requests specifically selected by HelpSaveLife youth wing members. Kindly requesting all well-wishers to contribute towards the youth wing initiatives.

Thank You
HelpSaveLife youth wing coordinators

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GOAL : $5,000.00 / RAISED : $6,208.35

Help request for Shibu V V #1362

This help request came for Shibu V V from Kannur. He is a driver, who doesn't have a steady job. He is the sole breadwinner for his family of 5 with three children. He has been living in a rented house for the last 15 years. They made the basic structure for the house with help of kind hearted people, but he is struggling to complete the structure so that they could live there. He is requesting our help to complete the house.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $535.00

Help request for home construction for Soly Joseph #1369

This request is for Soly Joseph from Vayanad district for construction of their home. They have a 10 cent plot given by well wishers. They are struggling to raise money for building a home. Soly is a autorickshaw driver, who is having a hard time even to pay the rent for the home he is currently living. His wife has multiple medical ailments, requiring money every month for the medications also. He is requesting our help for his home construction.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $485.00

Ammini (Elizabeth Jacob )-House Maintenance. #1398

Ammni's husband died around 21 years before while her daughter was small. Her daughter is currently studying for nursing. They are not living in a secured house. The only income is Ammini's daily wage income she is getting from house hold work. They are looking to make the house secured to requesting for help. Ammini is also called as Elizabeth Jacob. One and the Same Certificate is provided

Note: Changes made in Aug 11 2023

The name Elizabeth Jacob changed to Ammini. This is because initially the bank account provided is SBI where the name is marked as Elizabeth Jacob. But in her Adhar card the name is "Ammini". She opened an account with South Indian bank and they can open account only in the name Ammini based on the Adhar card. We received back the check in the name of Elizabeth Jacob and will provide a check in the name Ammini to submit to South Indian bank. She already provided "one and the same certificate" for her name which is along with the other documents. Hariprasad visited this case and all the details mentioned is correct and deserving case.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $863.42

Help request - home construction for Sanjeeth.K.V #1402

This help request came from Mr. Sanjeeth. K.V. Since his parents died, he is being supported and staying with his family members. He has bought 5 cents of land with the help of well wishers. He is a manual laborer and is struggling to raise money to build a small house of his own. This has been his dream and then plans to get married. Sanjeeth is requesting our help to build a house.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $410.00

Help request for Usha Davu Kidney patient #1459

Dear Friends, This help request is for Usha. She is a kidney patient for last 3 years and undergoing dialysis 3 times a week. Monthly cost is around Rs.35000($450)/month. Family is finding difficulty to meet this recurring expense. Her husband is not able to work since he need to take her for dialysis. Let us please join in helping this family in their time of need. Thank You, Benny

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $2,000.00

Poor widow requesting help to build a small house #1461

Preeti Rajeev is a widow and Rs 250 daily wage worker. She didn’t have any property or house to live. With the help of well wishers she managed to buy 4.5 cents of properly and started the construction of a very small house. But she couldn’t complete it or make it livable. Please extend your helping hand to this widow. Her case is recommended by retired Bishop of Satna Diocese and also her local panjayat ward member. Please find the attached supporting documents.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $0.00
Regular help requests

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Shylaja Balakrishnan - Daughter Brain TB patient #1396

Shylaja is requesting help for her daugther Unnimaya, Brain and Lungs TB patient since 2.5 years. She lost memory, eye site, and recovering slowly. She also got liver diseases and having heavy expenses for treatment. Her husbands income is not enough to do all the treatments and requesting for financial help. Hariprasad visited this case and all the details mentioned is correct and very deserving case.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $970.00

14 yrs old Hanna's help request for T1D treatment #1399

Hanna Haris, 16-year-old student, D/o Haris, a resident of Karthikappalli diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a lifelong chronic condition since she's 7 years old. Hanna requesting our help for the expense of her continues insulin supply treatment which comes almost Rs 20,000 every month. Her father, Haris is also a sick person and cannot go for a regular income work. Her Mother is a housewife, also cannot go for a regular job as she is taking care of both Hanna and her husband. Hanna's request came through the Type 1 Diabetes Welfare Society, Kerala. All supporting documents are attached with the case file.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $910.00

Help Request for Ariya Pradeep Nursing Student-2023 #1411

Help Request for Ariya Pradeep Nursing Student-2023

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $739.00

Request to treat a Heart and Lung patient #1415

This charity request is from Mrs.Smitha B to treat her husband, Mr.Ashoke Kumar, 54 years old. Mr.Ashoke has been diagnosed with heart disease and lung issues. He had heart attacks twice, has been undergoing treatment, and needs lifelong medication. His medicine costs INR 5000 per month. Ashoke was an auto-rickshaw driver and is now not able to work. They have a daughter and two boys, who are school students. Mrs.Smitha has no job, and she requests us for some financial help towards Ashoke's treatment and their children's education. Medical reports and other required documents have been submitted.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $975.00

Request Help for Cancer Patient #1420

Request Help for Saji who is a cancer patient. Saji is working as a security guard. He was recently diagnosed with cancer on the face. After the biopsy, the wound is not healing and he is not able to go to work. One of Saji's daughter who is in Delhi also now diagnosed with cancer. I request all of you to hep Saji and family during this difficult time.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $970.53

Elderly and sick couple Mani John and Chinnamma #1430

Mani John (74 ) and chinamma mani (70) are a couple who lives in kidangoor panchayat in Kottayam district. They both were plantation workers for the last 40 yrs. They don't have any income and depended on daily wages to ends meet. Now Mani is sick with chronic lung disease and breathing trouble associated with that. Chinnamma is Post TB patient and now a diabetic and high BP patient . She is dependent on insulin injection and medicines to control her conditions. Mani is not able to work but chinnamma helps out in small house hold chores occasionally. They need financial support for daily expenses and medicines. Please consider this a deserving case and help in possible ways.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $915.00

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