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We are a registered non-profit, charitable organization. Our Mission is to extend financial help to people who are in need irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Emphasis is given to cases where there is a genuine need for medical or educational support. All effort is made to find genuine cases and reaching out on time, and at the same time maximizing help to the beneficiary. Request for help comes through members who make sure that the case is genuine and submit to the group for help. Contributions to HelpSaveLife are 100% Exempt from US Income Tax under (501)(c) 3. See the IRS Notification Want to make a difference? Join Us or check out the current requests.

Give whole-heartedly towards the hospital expenses of a poor patient who could not afford their treatment cost. These patients are hand-picked by us and most of them are suffering with chronic and deadly diseases. The backward society who are suffering from these diseases and not able to carry out their treatment due to their financial problem, we put forward a helping hand for those needy people. Our little help all put together goes a long way for these patients to fight their battle against their diseases and help them live longer to support and nourish the family.

Give generously towards an education of a poor child. This donation will go towards the basic educational resources needed for a child to go to a school. Please become a part of a life-changing contribution in someone’s life which will advance their lives due to attaining education. We pick and choose students who have shown great results in their academics and help them go forward with their college studies to support themselves and their families. Please seed a good seed in their hearts and mind and provide them a great hope and future through education.

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Help Requests

Special Help requests
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COVID Relief Fundraiser - Direct Support to Families #1068

India is going through one of the most difficult times in the pandemic thus far. Millions are feeling the overwhelming impact with hospitals filled to capacity, scarcity of urgent supplies and rising death tolls.

Help Save Life has decided to come together as a family to support people hit hardest by this crisis. The funds collected through this special case will be distributed to deserving beneficiaries identified by our members. Our funds will be directed to one or more of these needs • Offer aid towards hospital expenses and treatment costs • Provide financial help to families who lost loved ones • Assist families to meet their everyday expenses • Obtain urgent medical supplies, including oxygen and testing equipment • Procure protective equipment for healthcare and essential workers • Sponsor mobile phones to help students get online for remote learning

Help Save Life is a 501c(3) charitable organization registered in the US. 100% of your contributions will be directly paid out to the affected and will be 100% tax exempt. Please donate generously to our COVID Relief Fund to help mitigate and provide relief for the underprivileged communities affected by Coronavirus in India.

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GOAL : $50,000.00 / RAISED : $40,861.21

Kerala Flood/Landslide Relief Fundraiser 2021 - Direct Support to Families #1170

Torrential rain has battered the coastal state of Kerala, India on October 15th,2021 for many days. Kottayam and Idukki are two of the worst affected districts in the state, where days of heavy rainfall have caused deadly landslides. At least 42 people have lost their lives. Over 1000 people have been evacuated from Mundakayam and nearby panchayats. More than hundred homes have been washed away and more than 500 houses have been damaged as per the current update. Many riverside communities on the banks of the Manimala river were swept away by the deluge, sweeping away houses, cars, bridges, and uprooted trees.

‘We have nothing left’ “The house has gone. Children have gone,” "It was my livelihood, I’m too old to start again.”, devastated residents said.

Urgent support will help the people to mitigate the adverse health impacts related to the flooding and help them to cope with the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

Many people lost their whole life savings, as well as their homes, and other valuables. They need our assistance to get back on their feet. We have done it before, and we can do it again today. Most of us will not be able to aid the victims in person, but we can help them in other ways. Your kindness and generous contributions can make a difference in their unfortunate circumstances.

Help Save Life is a 501c(3) charitable organization registered in the U.S. 100% of your contributions will be directly paid out to the affected and will be 100% tax-exempt. The plan is to support each family with an amount of $700 so that we can pitch into rebuilding their lives. Please take a few moments to watch some videos from disaster locations.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $11,191.31

Help request from Sangeetha for a Small house #1224

Dear Friends,

This request is from Sangeetha for help with building a small house for her family. They got 5 cents land as charity from local communitty. Communitty also helped her with the foundation for the house. She has 3 daughters. 2 of them are mentally retarded. Her husband is a daily wage worker. Family is finding difficult to complete the house construction. Let us help this family to complete a secure home.

Thank you, Benny

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $2,860.51

HelpSaveLife Youth Wing Fundraiser #1230

This is a fund raiser project for HelpSavelife Youth Wing. Members of the youth wing and others may contribute to this project. All funds raised thru this project will be used for help requests specifically selected by HelpSaveLife youth wing members. Kindly requesting all well-wishers to contribute towards the youth wing initiatives.

Thank You
HelpSaveLife youth wing coordinators

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GOAL : $3,000.00 / RAISED : $2,027.76

Help Request for families suffering from Civil War in Ethiopia #1258

This request is from Bishop Varghese Thomttamkara, Bishop of Nekemte diocese, Ethiopia. I personally know the bishop. The request is for helping families suffering from the civil war. The initial goal of the diocese is to distribute $80 per family for 200 families. They are looking for help from all well wishers. I hope we can help raise a part of this fund.

Once the fund is distributed, bishop will send us details of each family benefitted from this gesture. I request all my friends to generously help with this request.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,344.04

Joyal George - Hydro-cephalus #1259

Joyal George was diagnosed with obstructive hydrocephalus while studying in the final year of secondary school. He is now 21 years old and recovering from surgery. He is in need of financial assistance to cover the 10 lakh rupees of expenses for his medical debt and ongoing support. Letters from his doctor and parish priest are included to certify his medical condition and his need for assistance. Please donate to help him with his recovery if possible.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $4,533.77

Rocky - Leg amputee, Bedridden #1275

Hello Friends,

I am posting the request for someone who is going through a real tough time.

Rocky was a daily wage worker, now not able to work, spending most of his time between hospital and home. has a family to support, but unable to do so without any help. Currently the neighbors and local group are trying their best. He is suffering from non healing ulcer on his left foot and a coronary arterial disease. He is currently disabled.

Living in a rented place with great difficulties and worrying when they will get kicked out.

Requesting your help to support his family to meet their medical expenses and family necessities.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $519.00
Regular help requests

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Amala Digal #1200

The help request is received from Ms. Amala Digal, D/o Mr G. Digal, Ajatha Bhawan house, Vazhoor East P.o., Kottayam- 686504 for BSc Nursing course at AECS Maaruti College of Nursing Bangalore- 560076. The family consists of two daughters who are studying and their parents. Mr G.Digal is a native of Orissa and his wife is Keralite and settled in Vazhoor. The family is very poor economically. Mr Digal sees fish on bicycle and his wife is a Coolie worker and they are staying in 5 cent house. Their daughter Amala 12th passed and interested to study Bsc Nursing. The parents are not in a financial position to support her for the huge expenses and they are helpless and hence requested for financial support from fellow brothers and sisters. Let us support this poor and genuine case enabling Ms Amala to undertake the Nursing course.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $920.00

Renjini - Cancer patient #1203

Renjini is a cancer patient since 5 years and had went through treatement for multiple times and still continuing it. Her husband is a also require medical assistance for living. They are requesting help for their treatments

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $955.00

Stroke patient Shaji #1204

Shaji is an wood worker, had a stroke couple of months before and admitted into hospital and had undergone expensive operations. He is the only income generator of the family and his son is studying at college. Currently family is running with the help of well wishers. They are requesting help for his treatment

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $915.00

Help request for Nursing Student Alphonsa Joseph #1228

This request is for Alphonsa Joseph who is asking our help for her nursing education. Alphonsa's dad was a daily wage worker who is now seriously injured due to an accident. They are looking for nursing college expense of Alphonsa . Please help Alphonsa with her education expenses.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,165.00

Request from a nursing student #1232

This request is from Joji Varghese, a nursing student at Kamala Krishna Royal School of Nursing, Bangalore. He is from a very low-income family. His father is a taxi driver, and his mother works sometime in goverment's Thozhilurappu Padhathi. They live in a small house in a 3 cents land. Joji studies nursing to get a sustainable income to take care of his parents and to improve his family's living conditions. They have paid 50000 to nursing school, which they loaned from the Kudambhshree group. Joji requests us to provide financial help to pursue his studies.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $845.00

Help Request for a Nursing Student_Aparna Raj #1246

This is a help request from Reena Rajeev. Reena and her husband are daily wage worker and is the only income for the family. They have 2 kids. The elder one Aparna Rajeev is a nursing student and this request is for her studies. The younger kid is in 12th grade. the family is now struggling to meet the tuition expenses for their kids. Let's lend a hand to help the family in need.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $855.00

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