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Back in year 2001 a group of caring people came together with the intention to lend their hands to mend some life. The story of HelpSaveLife begins there.

From its humble begining, HelpSaveLife has now grown to more than 350 members, touched the lives of hundreds of poor and needy.

This is a friendly group and the success solely depends upon the goodwill and trustworthiness of the members and having a kind and broad heart to reach out to people who are suffering. All the groups activities are driven through our website.

Any one with a caring heart and willing mind are welcome to be a part of this group. Want to make a difference? Join Us and let's light up one more candle next time.

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HSL Support
HSL Support
HSL Support

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HelpSaveLife Inc.
21 Budapest St
NJ- 08831

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Phone: ‪(706) 395-8568‬

We do not solicit contributions via phone. If you receive any phone call asking for help in HelpSaveLife's name, please ignore it. We are not responsible for any such calls/solicitations.

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