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Help request for Daya paulose for premature menarche treatment


Dear Friends, This request is for 8 years old Daya Paulose. She is suffering from premature menarche and currently on Leuprolide treatment. This treatment need to be continued until 11 years old which will cost around Rs.70000($925). Her father is suffering from partial paralysis and is under treatment and not able to work. They are staying in a rented house and struggling to meet daily expense and expense for treatment. Let us help this family in their time of need. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $2000
07-Aug-2022 - 20-Sep-2022

Help Request for meningitis patient


Annamma Augstine suffered meningitis recently and she was in the ventilator and ICU. Daily wage family finding it hard to bear the hospital & other expenses. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1700
20-Jul-2022 - 01-Aug-2022

Help needed for Issac to continue his education


This request is for Issac who has completed his plus two education recently with A+ in almost all subjects. His father passed away an year before leaving their family under a huge debt of close to 12 lakhs. His mother started working recently as a helper in a clinic nearby which pays a very nominal support to family and only source of income currently. His family include his mother and 2 other siblings who are also studying. Your help to towards his studies will help him to continue his education and be a source of income for his family. Issac is planning to go for CA foundation and intermediate and to be a Chartered Account. The total course fee comes to a little more than a lakh. I am attaching his documents like marksheet (plus 1 and plus 2), income certificate/certificate from his mother employer, recommendation letter from gram panchayat president confirming their need for help, death certificate of his father. Looking forward for your support for his studies. .. See more »

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RAISED : $754.41
21-Jun-2022 - 01-Sep-2022

Request to treat a Kidney patient.


This charity request is from Mrs.Reena Kottappuram to treat her husband, Mr.Sabumon P, 49 years old. Mr.Sabumon has been diagnosed with Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease stage-5. He has been undergoing treatment at Believers Church medical college since 25/11/2021. He is on bi-weekly maintenance hemodialysis and medicine, which cost INR 23000 per month. They have three daughters and live in a rented house. Mr.Sabumon was working as a driver but is not able to work now. Mr.Reeena is currently a nursery school teacher. They don't have any other income. Their two elder daughters are BSc nursing students (4th year and 2nd year, respectively), and the younger daughter dreams of joining the nursing school this year. Reena is currently struggling to find finance for her husband's treatment and her daughters' education. She requests us for some financial help towards his treatment and daughters' education. .. See more »

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RAISED : $800
19-Jun-2022 - 01-Sep-2022

Help Request for Nursing student-Steena Joseph -- 2 nd year


This is a help request for Help Request for Nursing student-Steena Joseph. We have helped this student in the past year and this is for her 2nd year of education. They are 4 sisters and both their parents passed away from cancer. Miss Sneha is requesting help to meet her sister Steena's college tuition expenses. Let us lend a hand to help this family of 4 sisters. linked case Url: .. See more »

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RAISED : $740
07-Jun-2022 - 01-Sep-2022

Help Request for Vamadevan suffering from blood cancer


This special request is to support Vamadevan who is 18 years old is suffering from suffering from blood cancer and undergoing treatment in RCC, Thiuruvanthapuram. Vamadevan's mother is my class mate's house maid. His father passed way several years ago. Please help Vamadevan and family for the expenses of his treatment. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1115
23-May-2022 - 23-Jun-2022

Sponsor school supplies and fees for families with disabilities


This special request is to support back to school needs of families with physically handicapped/disabled members. While some children are suffering from autism, many have parents who are paraplegic, either by birth or due to accidents. Many families are struggling in a post Covid world unable to sell their crafts and experiencing diminishing contributions from local donors. The funds will be distributed by Sahayathra Charitable Society who is caring for 60 families today. As the schools are re-opening, the society is seeking financial aid to distribute supplies and textbooks, along with payment of school fees for 39 students. Kindly extend your help and bring hope to these families. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1325
17-May-2022 - 03-Jun-2022

Rocky - Leg amputee, Bedridden


Hello Friends, I am posting the request for someone who is going through a real tough time. Rocky was a daily wage worker, now not able to work, spending most of his time between hospital and home. has a family to support, but unable to do so without any help. Currently the neighbors and local group are trying their best. He is suffering from non healing ulcer on his left foot and a coronary arterial disease. He is currently disabled. Living in a rented place with great difficulties and worrying when they will get kicked out. Requesting your help to support his family to meet their medical expenses and family necessities. .. See more »

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RAISED : $619
13-May-2022 - 27-Jul-2022

Srikanth - Mentally retarded and Epileptic


Help request is for Srikanth from his mother Pushpa. Srikanth is mentally challenged as well as epileptic. He has a sister and a brother who also has epilepsy. Pushpa's husband is mentally retarded and abandoned her several years ago. Even though Srikanth is studying in higher secondary school, he hardly go to school due to his dishabilles. As a result, Pushpa is forced to stay home to take care of the boys and unable to do any regular job. They live in a rental home. Pushpa is unable to cope with the expenses for the treatment of their children and to pay rent and other expenses. Any support to help family would be greatly appreciated. .. See more »

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RAISED : $970
12-May-2022 - 01-Sep-2022

Help request for a lumbar disc prolapse patient


This is a help request for Binesh(K.C.Joseph), who has a severe Lumbar Disc problem. He is unable to work because he cannot stand or walk for a short period of time. His wife works as a cleaning lady. They have two children, a boy and a girl. The older daughter is in her second year of college, and the younger boy is in tenth grade. They are currently living in a rented house. They are having a difficult time affording medical care and education for their children. Kindly assist this family. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1012.24
12-May-2022 - 01-Sep-2022

Preethi- Accident Spinal Cord Injury


Preethi got it in to an accident and caused injury to spinal code. She belongs to a poor family and already spent more than 6 lakhs and need more treatment to get back to normal life. The only income generator her husband can't go to work due to her current stage. And they are seeking for immediate help in her treatment. They have two kids studying in school. HSL Member Suresh's bother-in-law John visited them and understand their situation. Please hear the voice clips along with the documents .. See more »

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RAISED : $1975
07-May-2022 - 08-Jun-2022

Help request for a 20 year old young man's surgery


We have a help request from Ms. Jessy Joseph for her brother Arun Joseph's (20 yr) surgery. He had to discontinue his studies to take daily jobs to support his family. He fell down at his work place and had ligament injury and joint effusion. He is not able to walk properly and is limping around. Doctors recommended to have the surgery soon which costs around Rs. 60,000. But the family is not able to afford it. They live in a rented house for the last 7 years. Jessy is studying for Phramacy assistant course. This family is struggling to buy medicines for Arun along with Jessy's education and daily expenses. Please consider helping this family during their difficult time. Jessy called me directly after she saw our 20th anniversary news on Malayala Manorama news paper and Asianet. Our executive committee member Joy is from her town and he verified that it is a genuine case. .. See more »

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RAISED : $870
06-May-2022 - 01-Aug-2022

Help request for 36 year old Ginesh with chronic kidney disease stage V


We have a help request from 36 year old Jinesh with chronic kidney disease stage V, sole bread winner of his family. He needs dialysis twice per week which costs Rs.17,000 per month plus medicine and other related expenses. He is an electrician but unable to work now due to this condition. His old-aged father, wife and 1 1/2 year old baby are dependent on him. His wife is also unable to go to any work since she has to take care of the baby. Requesting your help for this deserving family. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1157.52
04-May-2022 - 17-May-2022

Help request for Kidney Cancer Treatment Expenses


Hello family and friends, This medical help request is for our neighbor and friend Dhaneesh Kumar (29). Dhaneesh was working in Saudi to support his family, with Father, mother and his sister. In June 2021 he became sick, and he has been diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. His one kidney was removed in Medical College Kottayam which is affected by the cancer. Later he joined back his Job and after a year he became sick again. He had to undergo another surgery in March 2022 at Medical College Kottayam for removing a syst in urinary bladder and they referred him to Regional Cancer Center Trivandrum. RCC doctors suggested treatment that costs monthly INR 2,00,000 for the next two years, which is not yet started since it’s a huge amount which he can’t afford currently. He is the only son in his family and his parents are aged with health issues. His family currently surviving with his father’s daily wage. Kindly requesting your help to support him during this extreme difficult time with physical and financial struggles. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any donation and prayer help. Even if you can't donate, please, a simple share of this could help even more. This website use paypal to collect payment and use the below link for more details about paypal. You can use Credit Card as well through paypal but with a minimal charge. These contributions are tax-deductible charitable contributions and you will get the tax statements for all this year contribution after this tax year in the address and email provided. .. See more »

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RAISED : $6881
23-Apr-2022 - 17-May-2022

Help request for Aprel Thankachan for Dialysis


Dear Friends, This help request is for Aprel Thankachan. He is suffering from kidney disease for serveral years and need 3 dialysis per week. As a result he is not able to go for work. They have 3 kids and staying in a small house in 5cent land. They have lot of debt. Family is finding it difficult to meet the treatment expense and need our help. Let us help this family in their time of need. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $2020
22-Apr-2022 - 18-May-2022

Help request for Mariamkutty Paulose for COVID treatment


Mariamkutty is 86 years old and not able to walk and bedridden after she and her family got COVID. Her husband is also bedridden. Their one son is working and after COVID, he is not able to go for his daily job regularly. Family is a poor family and facing financial burden after COVID. Let you help this family in their time of need. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $1500
17-Apr-2022 - 20-Sep-2022

Joyal George - Hydro-cephalus


Joyal George was diagnosed with obstructive hydrocephalus while studying in the final year of secondary school. He is now 21 years old and recovering from surgery. He is in need of financial assistance to cover the 10 lakh rupees of expenses for his medical debt and ongoing support. Letters from his doctor and parish priest are included to certify his medical condition and his need for assistance. Please donate to help him with his recovery if possible.

Bank Details
Name ...George Joseph
A/c No ..358002010006763
IFSC Code ...UBIN0535800
Kadavoor branch
.. See more »

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RAISED : $4834
10-Apr-2022 - 13-Jul-2022

Help Request for families suffering from Civil War in Ethiopia


This request is from Bishop Varghese Thomttamkara, Bishop of Nekemte diocese, Ethiopia. I personally know the bishop. The request is for helping families suffering from the civil war. The initial goal of the diocese is to distribute $80 per family for 200 families. They are looking for help from all well wishers. I hope we can help raise a part of this fund. Once the fund is distributed, bishop will send us details of each family benefitted from this gesture. I request all my friends to generously help with this request. .. See more »

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RAISED : $2249.04
09-Apr-2022 - 19-Aug-2022

Ajeesh - Bedridden from accident


Ajeesh Jose, 34 years old, is from a poor family living with his wife and two children (6 months and 3 years old) as well as his old mother. Two little children of his brother (single dad, unemployed) are also living with Ajeesh. Ajeesh recently falls from his house roof and broke his spinal cord and now bed-ridden. His wife also cannot do any job as she has to take care of his bedridden husband and little children and old mother. He is in dire need of our support to pay for daily physiotherapy and other treatment expenses as well as to meet the needs of his extended family of 7 people. He was able to handle his treatment so far with the help of his parishioners and well wishers and he don’t have anyone else to reach out for help. Kindly support Ajeesh and his struggling family to navigate this difficult situation. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1780
02-Apr-2022 - 19-May-2022

Educational help for a B.Sc nursing student


This charity request is from Mr. Sabu T Jose, 45-year-old, for getting financial help for his daughter's nursing education. His daughter, Annie Sabu is a B.Sc nursing student at VMS Mother Theresa College of Nursing, Vijayawada. Annie has secured more than 70% mark in +2 and has joined nursing college. Mr.Sabu is from a very low-income family and is a rubber-tapping daily wage worker. He paid part of the nursing college fees for the first year by getting a loan from the bank. The first-year fee is INR 120000. Mr. Sabu needs financial help for his daughter's studies and fulfills her dream. He requests us to provide some financial help for his daughter's studies. .. See more »

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RAISED : $745
28-Mar-2022 - 01-Aug-2022
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