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Help request for 36 year old Ginesh with chronic kidney disease stage V


We have a help request from 36 year old Jinesh with chronic kidney disease stage V, sole bread winner of his family. He needs dialysis twice per week which costs Rs.17,000 per month plus medicine and other related expenses. He is an electrician but unable to work now due to this condition. His old-aged father, wife and 1 1/2 year old baby are dependent on him. His wife is also unable to go to any work since she has to take care of the baby. Requesting your help for this deserving family. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1157.52
04-May-2022 - 17-May-2022

Help request for Kidney Cancer Treatment Expenses


Hello family and friends, This medical help request is for our neighbor and friend Dhaneesh Kumar (29). Dhaneesh was working in Saudi to support his family, with Father, mother and his sister. In June 2021 he became sick, and he has been diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma. His one kidney was removed in Medical College Kottayam which is affected by the cancer. Later he joined back his Job and after a year he became sick again. He had to undergo another surgery in March 2022 at Medical College Kottayam for removing a syst in urinary bladder and they referred him to Regional Cancer Center Trivandrum. RCC doctors suggested treatment that costs monthly INR 2,00,000 for the next two years, which is not yet started since it’s a huge amount which he can’t afford currently. He is the only son in his family and his parents are aged with health issues. His family currently surviving with his father’s daily wage. Kindly requesting your help to support him during this extreme difficult time with physical and financial struggles. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any donation and prayer help. Even if you can't donate, please, a simple share of this could help even more. This website use paypal to collect payment and use the below link for more details about paypal. You can use Credit Card as well through paypal but with a minimal charge. These contributions are tax-deductible charitable contributions and you will get the tax statements for all this year contribution after this tax year in the address and email provided. .. See more »

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RAISED : $6881
23-Apr-2022 - 17-May-2022

Help request for Aprel Thankachan for Dialysis


Dear Friends, This help request is for Aprel Thankachan. He is suffering from kidney disease for serveral years and need 3 dialysis per week. As a result he is not able to go for work. They have 3 kids and staying in a small house in 5cent land. They have lot of debt. Family is finding it difficult to meet the treatment expense and need our help. Let us help this family in their time of need. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $2020
22-Apr-2022 - 18-May-2022

Ajeesh - Bedridden from accident


Ajeesh Jose, 34 years old, is from a poor family living with his wife and two children (6 months and 3 years old) as well as his old mother. Two little children of his brother (single dad, unemployed) are also living with Ajeesh. Ajeesh recently falls from his house roof and broke his spinal cord and now bed-ridden. His wife also cannot do any job as she has to take care of his bedridden husband and little children and old mother. He is in dire need of our support to pay for daily physiotherapy and other treatment expenses as well as to meet the needs of his extended family of 7 people. He was able to handle his treatment so far with the help of his parishioners and well wishers and he don’t have anyone else to reach out for help. Kindly support Ajeesh and his struggling family to navigate this difficult situation. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1780
02-Apr-2022 - 19-May-2022

Help Request for Thankamma


Thankamma Thomas & Varghese Thomas are daily wage workers. Both are not able to go to work because of health conditions. Recently Thankamma Vargaghese had a brain problem. The cost for the treatment was more than the family could afford. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1500
27-Mar-2022 - 31-Mar-2022

Help Request for finishing house construction of Joju


Help Request for finishing house construction of Joju. Joju had Brain Stroke in 2017. He has partially recovered. But still difficult to do any work. He is asking for help with completing his house construction. .. See more »

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RAISED : $850
08-Mar-2022 - 30-Mar-2022

Dileep Kumar(39) - Liver Transplantation


This help request is for Dileep Kumar(39), an orphan, who is suffering from liver cirrhosis. He was infected with COVID in the month of January 2022. Following that he was diagnosed with jaundice and suddenly his health started getting worsen day by day. Later, doctors found that his liver is malfunctioning. He needs to undergo Liver Transplantation surgery which alone costs around 22 lakhs rupees. He was working as a security guard at different places. His wife is working as a data entry operator and they have an 11-year-old daughter. They are living in a rented house. They are financially struggling, any help is a great relief for the family. .. See more »

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RAISED : $2752
08-Mar-2022 - 22-Apr-2022

Rajan Samuel - Cancer Patient


This help request is for Rajan who is a 44-year-old residing in Vazhoor, Kottayam. He is a daily wage worker and has three dependents. He is diagnosed with cancer and under the treatment of a Regional cancer center. They already took a loan against their 10 cent land and house for the initial treatment, now they received a final notice from the bank for the repayment. He is financially struggling for further treatment and loan repayment, any help is a great relief for the family.

First Tranfer on 3/28/22, $900 Rs66,579.30
Second Tranfer on 3/31/2022, $992.81, Rs.73,234.63
Total: $1892.81, Rs. 139,813.93
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RAISED : $1892.81
05-Mar-2022 - 10-Mar-2022

Help Request for a Heart Patient


This is a help request for Mr.Faisal Babu (38yr old), Pattakarimbu, Nilambur, Malappuram dist. Faisal Babu currently has heart failure and has undergone angiogram. He is a daily wage worker and sole income owner for the family. They have 2 kids. Family is finding difficulty to meet the unexpected expense. Let us please help this family in their time of need. .. See more »

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RAISED : $958.51
04-Mar-2022 - 11-Apr-2022

Help Request for Amal Joseph for Engineering Study


This is a Help Request for Amal Joseph for Engineering Study. He got admission in Amal Jyothi Engineering college on merit. He is requesting for the final year fees. Several other people had helped the family with previous years fees. Amal's dad passed away five years ago. His mother has no permanent job. The family is being helped by several well wishers. Please help Amal with the fee for the final year. .. See more »

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RAISED : $1147.52
03-Mar-2022 - 25-Mar-2022

Rincy Shano - Young widow of a Covid victim


Shano was 37, when he passed away within a few days of infecting with Covid, on 12/13/2021. He was doing odd jobs to raise his family. He left behind his wife and 3 little children. Please support his wife Rincy and children to navigate this difficult time. .. See more »

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RAISED : $800
25-Feb-2022 - 10-Mar-2022

Help request from a young widow of a covid victim


Dear All, We have a help request from a young widow, 35 year old Kambam Ratna Kumari, who lost her husband due to Covid. She is unemployed and needs to support 2 school aged children (8th grade and 4th grade). Requesting your help to support this family during their difficult time. Thank you! .. See more »

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RAISED : $500
05-Feb-2022 - 06-Feb-2022

Help request for Deepika Bosco for her studies


Dear Friends, This request is for Deepika Rose Bosco for her MBA course. She is one of the 3 kids for her parents. Her father is a daily wage worker and mother house wife. Family is finding it difficult to meet the education expense and hostel fee. Family is looking for help to pay for the 1st and 2nd semester fee of Rs. 1.5Lac(Around $2000). Let us help this family in their time of need. Thank you, Benny .. See more »

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RAISED : $2000
17-Jan-2022 - 03-Feb-2022

Help Request for 10 Disabled Children - from Nairobi, Kenya


St. Alphonsa Community Center located in Ruai, Kenya (near Nairobi) is a rehabilitation center for mentally and physically disabled girls between the age 5 to 15, started recently by the sisters of FCC congregation from Kerala, India. The center has a capacity to host 24 children, but currently only hosts 10 children due to financial constraints. They get numerous requests to take care of more children, but as they are struggling to meet the need of the 10 residents they have, they are not in a position to accommodate any more children. They depend on the goodwill of well-wishers for running this children's home as they don’t have any other funding available. List of children currently living at St. Alphonsa Community Center:
Agnes Nyamusi 10 Cerebral Palsy
Angel Wangui 11 Cerebral Palsy
Britney Adiambo 11 Cerebral Palsy
Britney Njeri 8 Physical Disability
Charity Kavutha 19 Physical Disability
Faith Makena 7 1/2 Cerebral Palsy
Mary Ann Mbila Cindy 5 1/2 Cerebral Palsy
Sharon Mutethia 7 Physical Disability
Shirlyn Khasandi 14 Cerebral Palsy
Tatiana Wanjiru Gachoki 6 Physical Disability

Kindly support this mission so that a better care can be given to these children and also they can add more children like these who need care and treatment.

First transfer
BoA Transfer 11Apr22 $100 KES11069 (Kenyan Shilling)

.. See more »

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RAISED : $2745
17-Jan-2022 - 06-Apr-2022

Covid Relief for widow Pauli George and family Thrissur


Pauli George's husband George was a Lorry Driver who died due to Covid in Thrissur. They have 3 children out of this their daughter is having mental disabilities and sons are trying to support the family with local labour works. Considering their main income for the family was from George's driving, they are going through financial difficulties and taking help from friends and family. So looking for any help/support through charity. .. See more »

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RAISED : $600
09-Jan-2022 - 06-Feb-2022

Help Request for Nursing Student - Rose Maria


Help Request for Nursing Student - Rose Maria. This is a help request from Blessy George. They are daily wage workers. Her husband is an Asthma patient and is not able to go to work on a daily basis now. They have 3 girl kids and they are very good at studies. The elder one is studying for a bachelor's degree and the youngest one Rose Maria is in Nursing college. This help request for Rose Maria to complete her nursing studies. Lets lend a hand to help this famil\y in need. .. See more »

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RAISED : $700
06-Jan-2022 - 30-Apr-2022

Covid Relief for widow Mercy Frittil and family, Palakkad


This is to help/support Mercy Frittil , her 2 children and mother-in-law who are in financial difficulty after Frittil's death due to Covid. He was the only income earning person of the family, and after his death the family is taking the help of friends and family for daily needs. .. See more »

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RAISED : $600
05-Jan-2022 - 06-Feb-2022



A help request is received from Nazrath Ashram, Vazhoor East P.o., 19th Mile, Kottayam district- 686504 for purchase of RO Water purification plant system for use of the inmates. The Ashram is also popularly known as "Friends and Birds of the Air "(FBA) and functioning for the upliftment of the downtrodden and mentally retarded and their rehabilitation. There are 70 inmates in the Ashram who needs care, food and shelter and they are looked after by the Nazrath Ashram by the help of fellow people and well wishers. Fifty of their inmates were infected by Covid-19 and now they are getting better, but they have post covid weakness. After inspection from health authorities from local panchayat, they have instructed for installation of a water purifier for the inmates. As the Ashram is thriving on with the day to day alms received from fellow people and have limited finances, therefore they have requested for financial help from fellow charity for installation of water purifying system. The plan is to pay the merchant directly for installing the system. The cost of the system is about Rs,40,000 .. See more »

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RAISED : $536.61
01-Jan-2022 - 10-Jan-2022

Sub case for #1091 - Navendhu Gireesh


Support Navendhu Gireesh from Karuna Special School .. See more »

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RAISED : $400
05-Jun-2021 - 28-Feb-2022

Sub case for #1091 - Jiya Nelson


Support Jiya Nelson from Karuna Special School .. See more »

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RAISED : $400
05-Jun-2021 - 28-Feb-2022
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