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We are a registered non-profit, charitable organization. Our Mission is to extend financial help to people who are in need irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Emphasis is given to cases where there is a genuine need for medical or educational support. All effort is made to find genuine cases and reaching out on time, and at the same time maximizing help to the beneficiary. Request for help comes through members who make sure that the case is genuine and submit to the group for help. Contributions to HelpSaveLife are 100% Exempt from US Income Tax under (501)(c) 3. See the IRS Notification Want to make a difference? Join Us or check out the current requests.

Give whole-heartedly towards the hospital expenses of a poor patient who could not afford their treatment cost. These patients are hand-picked by us and most of them are suffering with chronic and deadly diseases. The backward society who are suffering from these diseases and not able to carry out their treatment due to their financial problem, we put forward a helping hand for those needy people. Our little help all put together goes a long way for these patients to fight their battle against their diseases and help them live longer to support and nourish the family.

Give generously towards an education of a poor child. This donation will go towards the basic educational resources needed for a child to go to a school. Please become a part of a life-changing contribution in someone’s life which will advance their lives due to attaining education. We pick and choose students who have shown great results in their academics and help them go forward with their college studies to support themselves and their families. Please seed a good seed in their hearts and mind and provide them a great hope and future through education.

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Special Help requests
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Help request from Sangeetha for a Small house #1224

Dear Friends,

This request is from Sangeetha for help with building a small house for her family. They got 5 cents land as charity from local communitty. Communitty also helped her with the foundation for the house. She has 3 daughters. 2 of them are mentally retarded. Her husband is a daily wage worker. Family is finding difficult to complete the house construction. Let us help this family to complete a secure home.

Thank you, Benny

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $5,410.51

HelpSaveLife Youth Wing Fundraiser #1230

This is a fund raiser project for HelpSavelife Youth Wing. Members of the youth wing and others may contribute to this project. All funds raised thru this project will be used for help requests specifically selected by HelpSaveLife youth wing members. Kindly requesting all well-wishers to contribute towards the youth wing initiatives.

Thank You
HelpSaveLife youth wing coordinators

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GOAL : $3,000.00 / RAISED : $3,032.76

Support for 32 year old's Bone Marrow Transplant #1357

Sijo of Anandapuram village, Thrissur district, Kerala, India, PIN 680305, was diagnosed with blood cancer in October 2022, and underwent chemotherapy. The initial treatments did not bring any relief, and he is now undergoing intensive chemotherapy. After the completion of this, he has to undergo bone marrow transplant. Since all the previous treatments drained out his finances, he is finding it difficult to meet the expenses for the costlier bone marrow transplant. The procedure is estimated to cost 30 lakhs. If you could extend your hands towards this cause, it will be a great help and hope for his family of wife and two infant daughters.

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GOAL : $10,000.00 / RAISED : $2,144.54
Regular help requests

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Multiple health issues - Sini #1250

Sini is suffering from breathing disorder from childhood. Later due to the incorrect diagnosis, wrong medicines from Alappuzha medical college, caused her to serious condition and damaged internal organs, leads to making sick after sick. The heavy medications caused her not able to do surgery for certain diseases. Currently she needs expensive medicines daily. She belongs to a poor family and her husband is a daily wage worker and not able to get all the medicines for her and requesting for help.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $855.00

Help request for nursing studies - Athulya Suresh #1309

This request came from Mr. Suresh E N for his daughter Ms. Athulya Suresh. Suresh fell down from a tree while working. Suresh was bedridden for a year and now could walk, but unable to continue his previous work. His daughter has joined this year for BSc Nursing at Nagesh School of Nursing in Karnataka. They are struggling to meet the total expenses. Suresh is requesting our help for his daughter's education.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $900.08

Help request for Viswan - Disability from vehicle accident #1324

This request is for Viswan who has been paralyzed for the past two years after a vehicle accident. Kindly support this family in financial distress to meet the expenses for medicines and physiotherapy.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $800.00

Help Request from a widow with chronic kidney disease stage 4 #1326

We have a help request from Mrs. Philomina Jose who is a widow and a mother of two daughters. Her younger daughter is a student. Philomina is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4. She is diabetic and also has high BP and high cholesterol in addition to her kidney disease. Her entire body is swollen too. Due to her thyroid (ingrown - substernal goiter) issues, she had difficulty swallowing and breathing. So she had to go through an emergency thyroid surgery. Due to some major complications she was in ICU for many days and they had a hospital bill over 5 lakhs. She was a daily wager but now she is unable to go to work for many months. She is requesting our help to pay off her debts, daily medicines and expenses Please consider this case and support this deserving family.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $975.00

Help Request from Cancer Patient #1333

Dear Friends, This is help request from a cancer patient, Savithri 59 years old from Pulingome, Cherupuzha Kerala. She was diagnosed with tongue cancer around 9 months back. She underwent surgery and removed 90% of her tongue. Her husband deserted her 12 years back. Her son who is an autorikshaw driver is the only bread winner of the family. With the little income he is earning, the family is unable to bear expenses for treatments of Savithri. In this difficult situation they are seeking our help. Thank you Josemon

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $1,015.00

Leelamma Mathew #1334

This is a help request from Leelamma Mathew, 65 years old widow residing in Podimattam Kottayam. Her husband died 10 years ago and now staying alone. She is a heart patient and lost her left eye vision 3 years back .She is not able to go for any work due to these heath problems. She is struggling a lot to meet her daily needs. Now depending on other generous people for her daily bread and medicine.

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GOAL : $0.00 / RAISED : $780.00

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