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Help Request for Nursing Education
Case Initiated : Remy Chirayil Feb/01/2023

Blessimol Shaji, a 1st year nursing student is requesting help for her education. Her father is a lottery seller. He is a heart patient and also taking meds for BP and sugar. Mother is an Asthma patient and unable to go for any work outside. Blessi has a sister who is a plus 2 student. Blessi is good in her studies. She joined nursing with bank loans and help from others. Her family is struggling to meet all the expenses (kids’ education, parents’ medicines, daily living, managing the loans etc.) with her father’s small income.

Raised: $3,820.00
Supporters( 4 )
Julie George & AAJ C Joseph
$ 800
Julie George & AAJ C Joseph
$ 22.81
Julie George & AAJ C Joseph
$ 797.19
Julie George & AAJ C Joseph
$ 2200
Amount Raised $ 3,820.00

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