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Sponsor A Student - Jomes Jose
Case Initiated : Manju Joseph Jun/04/2023

Help request from Tinu Thomas for Sponsoring her son Jomes Jose. Her husband Josemon had been hospitalized for month after a major accident from his work place. his body was completely paralyzed and was on tube feeding. He passed away this May 23 rd leaving behind his wife and 2 kids. Tinu is currently working in her son's school as a kindergarten support teacher with a very low income. Her son jomes jose is handicapped and has difficulty in walking. He needs treatment and currently they do not have fund to treat Jomes. She has one more kid who is studying in LKG. This sponsorship request is for Jomes.

Raised: $300.00
Supporters( 1 )
Lego & Manju Joseph
$ 300
Amount Raised $ 300.00

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