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Support Dorcas Wairimu (Grade 3), Kenya
Case Initiated : Tom Zacharias Aug/01/2023

This request is for school fees for the kid at All Saints Catholic Primary School, Kabazi, Nakuru, Kenya - Dorcas Wairimu (Grade 3). This kid was admitted to this school when their mother was working in some Gulf country and she was able to remit the school fee and to provide the study materials. Later, she had undergone some problems there and came back after losing everything and now she is not in a proper mental state to look after these children. So the grandmother is taking care of them, who is old aged and could not go for any job. They live with the help of some kind-hearted people and something the mother may bring once in a while when she comes home. These children are in dire need of our help. They hardly get any proper meals at home. The children are surviving on the daily light breakfast and lunch provided by the school. The grandmother is requesting help to pay their school fees so that the children can get their daily meals and get their education at the same time. This case is brought by my sister who had volunteered to teach these children a few months and had personally visited their house to understand their situation. So any help to support these children would be a great help to alleviate their hunger and get their early education.

Raised: $250.00
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Tom Z.
$ 250
Amount Raised $ 250.00

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