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Request from Santhosh for house construction
Case Initiated : Benny Davis Jun/11/2024
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Dear Friends, This request is from Santhosh E.B for help with the construction of a small house. He is a painter and his wife is not working. They have 3 children. Their eldest 2 children, are both autistic and require constant care and attention, which prevents his wife from seeking employment. His youngest son, is currently in grade 5. Recently, Santhosh was diagnosed with segmental dystonia, a condition that has rendered him unable to continue his painting job. For the past 15 years, they have lived in a rented house. With the help of some kindhearted individuals, they have managed to start constructing a small 500 square feet house. However, due to current financial constraints, they are unable to complete the construction of their home. Currently they need our help to complete the construction. Thank you, Benny

Raised: $2,000.00
Supporters( 4 )
$ 1850
Tony n Smitha
$ 50
$ 50
Joe & Remy Chirayil
$ 50
Amount Raised $ 2,000.00

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